Printed blanks

The CD / DVD blanks are printed exclusively with industrial high-end printing machines using offset or screen printing. The label print is scratch-, water- and smudge-proof as well as sun and heat-resistant, so that your blanks look like new even after long periods of storage.


Blank CD: 700 MB

Blank DVD: 4.7 GB

The blanks are coated with white full surface and inkjet varnish for later self-printing with inkjet printers or with thermal transfer varnish for self-printing with laser printers.


With white full surface + 1 to 4 colored screen printing. Screen printing offers brilliant colors (HKS or PMS colors) and is particularly suitable for printing fonts and logos, especially for adhering to the color CI specifications.


With white full surface and 4-color offset printing (CMYK). Offset printing should be your choice if you have a photo-realistic motif as a label print for your printed blanks.


Packaged as spindle goods (in shrink film) or in any conceivable packaging variant. Contact us. We will find the perfect packaging for your printed CD or DVD.